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Carsten Bormann

The list admin has asked us not to discuss the issue while he looks at the solution.

Unfortunately, there are lot of myths here that may have been true in 1998 but no longer are, and they form the basis of a persistent argument that, by 2019, is now just wrong.

I’ve been on Gmail since it was launched and I’ve never looked back. It also automagically threads conversations so there aren’t any concerns of who said what with the various complaints I see of people not quoting replies properly….
This confuses gmail the mail service with gmail the interactive mail access tool.
Gmail the mail service is very good apart from privacy concerns. There are few privacy concerns with open lists like this, so gmail is just great for a tekscope subscription.

You can use gmail the interactive mail access tool with this, or use a separate mail reader program. By now, both offer offline mail access capabilities.

The attachments are downloaded whether or not you use an email client or the web portal.
This is simply not true.

There are a number of ways you can control what is downloaded. has a control that you can set for a specific mailing list:

Go to
Open “Advanced Preferences”. Configure “Max Attachment Size”.

Mail readers usually also have a control for whether the attachments that are offered are downloaded automatically or manually. The way to do this differs between mail readers, usually a couple of clicks or so.
(Apple Mail: CMD-comma, Accounts, (select account), Account Information, Download Attachments.)

For folks with limited data plans that's what causes the problems. I'm on a limited data plan as are a number of others. I may not be interested in a topic, yet I still have to download those images which I have no desire to see.
As I said, this is not factual.

Upload the images to our pictures section and the I have the choice of whether I want to view those photos or not.
For images that make good named reference galleries: Please do.

For the odd picture that accompanies a “does this look right” message, this is not the right way to do this; you cause the accretion of hard to find information. Mail already supports attachments. The link between the attachments and the message does not get lost.

I’ve tried the web portal and dislike it.
That is your right (I happen to hate “Web Forum” style interfaces, too).

It’s not available if I lose my connection,
Not true, as indicated above.

which can happen quite often in this northern rural area when storms and snow hit us.
Definitely true in many parts of the world, in particular those that actually have enough space to keep Tek Scopes around :-)

With the email client I store and save all the emails locally so they are available even if I’m offline.
Exactly, and that also applies, optionally (automatically or manually), to the attachments.

I’m sorry for not quite following your policy, Dennis. This will be the one message correcting the outdated information for this week. Everyone: please don’t discuss this further until Dennis has found out more about this (which I hope this message facilitates).

Grüße, Carsten

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