Re: DC508 HELP with PHOTOS option 7

Miguel Work

Thanks Dennis,

Mainframe is option7 (rear interconnected) , I only need to modify DC508 to option 7. Board is installed but without components.,,,20,1,0,0,,,20,1,0,0




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Hi Miguel,

TM503 is just a 3 slot mainframe. That can't possibly be what you are referring to as Option 7. It might be part of the option since, presumably, you will want to have the TR502 and the DC508 in the same TM503 main frame. There are probably a few interconnections you need to make on the back plane of the TM503 between the TR502 and the DC508 to make them work together.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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Hi, I had bought a DC508 option 1 for my TR502 7L14. I need to install
option7, TM503 is option7, manual is very clear, but It will be very
useful a detailed photos from cables and connector. Has some body one
and can post some photos?


Dennis Tillman W7PF
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