Re: 91% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol to clean potentiometers?

Chuck Harris <cfharris@...>

IPA is so miscible in water that water works just fine for putting
it out. The water dilutes it to a point where it will no longer burn.
A shower is better than a stream as it dilutes and cools the IPA without
spreading it around.

If you blast IPA with a stream of water, it will splash the alcohol
before it dilutes it enough to render it nonflammable.

The MSDS for IPA says use water.

Where water gets you in trouble is nonpolar solvents like gasoline,
kerosene, etc. The solvent is lighter than water, and flaming solvent
floats on the surface of the water spreading the fire.

-Chuck Harris

Gary Robert Bosworth wrote:

I use Isopropyl alcohol for many cleaning jobs - especially solder flux.
Just don't let it get near a source of ignition. It is almost completely
invisible when lit, and requires a specific type of fire extinguisher to
put it out. The fire can spread very quickly as the liquid is as thin as
water and will run all over the place.


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