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PMI1038 systems

these are GREAT scalar analyzers. they support both analog and digital displays (good for slow sweep speeds).  they require a sweep ramp signal input from a microwave sweeper (hp 8620C, etc.)
and at least one sensor in the V plug in slot. there are usually 2 verticals, so you can display
two signals, like forward and reflected power, etc.

the pull out tray usually stores the sensors.  you can test them with the cal output,
and the INT horizontal sweep position, should give a flat line on the CRT for each channel at the cal level.
I keep some operating info on them here:

I have a lot of info on these, as I use them all the time. please contact me directly for more
once you have them in hand.  we will have a complete 1038 system with dual sensors for just C$250, and a pile of PMI/Wavetek sensors at Stuff Day!

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