Re: 91% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol to clean potentiometers?

Roy Thistle

Lots of companies sell it. I see it on Amazon for 13.00 U.S. a gallon (4, 1 quart plastic bottles.) It is very hydroscopic (absorbs water from the air readily)… so unless you store it over a drying agent, it will tend towards 90%, as it picks up water, from the air that gets into the bottle.
The main advantage of IPA is it is cheap (really cheap compared to proprietary cleaners, like Deoxit). But, another significant advantage is that it is a pure (other than the little bit of water)… it is a pure chemical. So, you know what you are using, and can find out what it will do to what you are using it on (That part needs some research, or advice.). You can get (download) the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), so you can determine how it will affect you, how to use it safely, and how it will affect the environment. The MSDS for many proprietary cleaners don't significantly identify what's in them (it's proprietary).

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