7834 with bad HV transformer free to good home


I've reached the end of my repair efforts on this 7834. I'd hoped to fix it
and sell it, but I'm not equipped to rewind the transformer and I need the
space it has occupied.

So if anyone in the UK wants it then they are welcome to collect it from

If no-one wants to take the whole thing, then I'm happy to remove boards or
other parts that people want but you'll need to collect them or pay postage
and packing costs.

I need to have it gone within a week or so - it goes to the local recycling
centre after that :(

I will be keeping one piece of the metal work from the PSU as I need that
for a 7854 ... unless one comes my way!

PS if anyone needs CRTs for 7633 or 2564 I have to clear those out as well.


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