Re: Help with 465 repair - no signal on 50mv/100mv/200mv ranges

Don A

Fair enough -if the contacts are gold then there won't be corrosion and IPA
is just fine.
I've wrestled with lots of silver plated tube sockets and connectors and
there Deoxit and NevrDull are really helpful

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I may be wrong, but if this is in regards to the attenuator fingers, I
think they're gold plated so no corrosion should be present and only
cleaning with IPA is necessary/recommended.

Barry - N4BUQ

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50mv/100mv/200mv ranges

If you need to clean switches I don't find Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA)does a
great job. I use the Deoxit products from CAIG.
They have products for cleaning switches Deoxit D series and products for
cleaning potentiometers the Deoxit Fader series.

To me, the problem with IPA is that it is a solvent that cleans grease
won't remove tarnish. Deoxit D series will. For very tarnished surfaces
tube sockets or connector pins) I use a product called Nevr Dull This a very fine polish that works great.

Yes, these product are expensive but the last a very long time for many

My thoughts

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