Re: Wanted 7B15

Fred S.

Let us all know how that turns out
that one for $55 looked very clean at first glance

Hi, when I got the 7B15, it looked very clean and had no shorts, but no function as well.
After a "quart" of IPA, I got some life out of it, but no full size traces. I removed the hybrid and cleaned the socket, pcb, and the the hybrid pads and, bingo,
the whole thing worked.
So, I would describe the experience as positive, we can not expect to get 100% working unit for $59. I believe it worked when it was decommissioned, but corroded while being stored.
Now my 7104 is complete: 2x7A29, 7B15 and 7B10, I am very happy!!!


Fred S.

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