Re: still trying to track down 2216 manuals


Hey Bill,

you might try to ping the Vintage Tek museum folks and see whether they
have the service manual on fiche. There's a tentative index of the
instruments covered in this posting:, which does have the 2212, but it
doesn't say whether this includes the service manual.


On Mon, Mar 4, 2019 at 3:02 PM bill K7WXW <> wrote:

I've search through the archives here and saw the 2014(?) discussion on
the 2216 service manual. I have copies of the partial manuals for the 2216
and 2212. Alas, no schematics. Yet.

I am surmising that the manuals' unavailability is related to the fact
that both the 2212 and the 2216 were designed in Heerenveen. I would guess
that they were only manufactured in Holland and repaired at the Benelux
Repair Center. Since Benelux was closed in 2000 as part of the Tek breakup,
who knows what happened to the stock of manuals? I am hoping that they all
didn't end up in the tip.

Unfortunately, I am now in "dog chasing bone" mode now wrt to finding
documentation. Does anyone know if there's a European-based Tek fan or
alumni club? I want to see if I can track down anyone that worked in
Benelux. So as not to inflict my obsession on others, I can be contacted
off list, my call sign at arrl dot net.

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