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Bill Carns

Ah Peter - Great photo. I have not made it out to the shop yet this morning but that jpeg figure is a big help in understanding what is meant by "The attenuator Module" (or Colin's Chicklet) accessed from the one side of the board. But, the way I read those switch diagrams, and look at the mechanical arrangement, there are many more contacts over on the other side of that PCB (Viewed from the other side) that also may need to be cleaned - and those guys are in under those blue cam wafers That turn with the VOLTS/DIV switch. Those would appear to be the nasty ones to clean if need be.


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not sure how effectively I can clean these contacts without some serious disassembly
On the 7A18, 7A26 and similar you can clean them very easily - look here:

Pull a small strip of paper soaked in IPA through the contacts while closed.
The attenuator plug-in contacts may also need cleaning.

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