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Leon Robinson

You use what you have available.

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On Saturday, February 23, 2019, 3:04:45 PM CST, Michael A. Terrell <mike.terrell@...> wrote:

lightly gelled paint stripper is even better, if you don't miss! I was trapped in an old garage once, so I poured some into the cap for a can of spray paint and doused some very large and angry bees with it. They fell like rocks. It was the only thing at hand, and I couldn't get close enough to swat them. They were trying to get out though the glass in the door, and they were pissed off!

Michael A. Terrell

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It also kills wasps and the like.

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I just bought a dozen spray cans of 'Brake Parts Cleaner' to deflux circuit boards. It is a mix of alcohols. I paid US $1.99 per can, instead of the higher price for cans labeled 'Flux Remover'.

Michael A. Terrell

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