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Leon Robinson

It also kills wasps and the like.

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From: "Michael A. Terrell" <mike.terrell@...>
Date: 02/22/2019 11:05 PM (GMT-06:00)
Subject: Re: [TekScopes] Cleaning plug-in contacts

I just bought a dozen spray cans of 'Brake Parts Cleaner' to deflux circuit boards. It is a mix of alcohols. I paid US $1.99 per can, instead of the higher price for cans labeled 'Flux Remover'.

Michael A. Terrell

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Thanks for the infornation. You clearly know more about this than I do. We were afraid to drink anything 190 proof or higher because of the potential benzene contamination. We had no idea what level it was.

I looked up the composition of a flux remover. It is ethanol with isopropanol and ethyl acetate. That ought to make a good board cleaner.

I remember when we cleaned boards with freon in an ultrasonic cleaner. That worked well and never left a residue.


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