Re: Parting out Tektronix 468 Storage Oscilloscope - First Chance


Collin, are you in UK?I could use the "time board" or just the "delay sweep switch" if they are same as in 464.

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I have a 468 where the figures on the VOLTS/DIV have been damaged. If you have one or both of these knobs, I would be interested. They have the extra positions with the black background, which makes them unique to the 4xx-series knobs.
TIA, Colin.

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Hi group. I am parting out a 468 storage scope. If anyone wants any parts before I put them on epay please contact me off line. The scope worked when I got it but has since lost a few knobs. I don’t think anything else is missing. When I got it there was a problem in the horizontal that caused the trace to stay on the left side of the crt. When I powered it up today the crt briefly showed a horizontal line so I am guessing it is still ok.

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