Re: Posting picture


This argument about attachments keeps coming up every 6 months or so by new
users who can't believe that attachments are disabled. I think Chuck copies
and pastes the same old worn out arguments against it.

The fact of the matter is that if you still have a dial up network at 56K
Baud, you really shouldn't be on the Internet or using email - it's way too
painful of an experience and it's effecting your health! The argument that
there are many users on this site that still don't have access to broadband
is difficult to fathom. If they are still on dial up, it's their choice not
for financial reasons but because they are old school and really don't
believe in paying for anything!

Attachments should be brought up for the vote every once in a while to
determine whether the dial up types are still with us or have passed on.

I think this may be the only group I've ever gone to that doesn't support


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