Re: Posting picture

Carsten Bormann

On Feb 12, 2019, at 00:37, John Griessen <> wrote:
I've seen some photos sent with emails. They were not "attached" like email definition of attached,
but rather in-lined in a HTML email. If you use thunderbird email reader to compose, it won't allow
an attachment with a text email, but will happily add an in-lined image in HTML emails.
Yes, but where do these inline image references point?
The author of that e-mail would have needed to put them up at some image hosting service to be able to inline the references to them.
These notoriously go away for various reasons (the service itself goes down, or the user account expires for some reason).
This means that after a year or two, the message archive has tons of messages with unusable inline image references.
For a list like tekscopes, where messages often have a lot of archival value after five years or ten, this is not a very bright way to run things.

The bright way is to stop the practice of artificially disabling image attachments.

Grüße, Carsten

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