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Stephen Hanselman

I keep wondering about the actual use of the NVRAM on the control PCA in these scopes. I have been extracting the NVRAMS and reading them so I have a fair selection on the dumps. I have run the units without the NVRAM (except the ones that have the Timekeeper/NVRAM and they seem to function fine. However I have moved an initialized(cold start) Acquisition pca between units and the "initialized" status follows the Acq pca. I wonder if the cal data is really stored in the NVRAM. From looking at the dumps it looks to be used mostly for storing screen grabs.

Having said that I could be way off base


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I used to calibrate the 500MHz scopes but got rid of the AT PC and GPIB card. Still have the TM500 series plugins in the equipment list. Recently bought a TDS 584 (1GHz) with a bad display, crinkled gel between color shutter and front glass. Fixed that by removing gel. Found I could pull a length of wire (jacketed) between the layers to separate for cleaning. After display fixed found that a previous owner had thrown #3 dip switch to skip processor tests at turn on. This masks the calibration failure due to Dallas NVROM battery run down. So I have a nice pristine 1GHz DSO brick. I do have ability to copy the NVROM and put in a fresh one.

Does anyone know if the calibration procedure and equipment list for the 1GHz scopes is the same as the one I am familiar with for the 500 MHz scopes? I need to make a decision to gear up again for calibration or just put it up for sale.

Thanks, Dan

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