Re: TDS 500 600 700 series calibration

Stephen Hanselman

I don't have a definitive answer for you, both the 063-2774-01 and 063-3289-01 discs have an "IDX" file for the TDS 580C and TDS580 C&D respectively. They also have a specific file for the 784. The software is fairly parochial about talking to the proper model so I just don't know, but maybe.....

If you know anything about the innards of the software that would be a big help.


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I used to calibrate the 500MHz scopes but got rid of the AT PC and
GPIB card. Still have the TM500 series plugins in the equipment list.
Recently bought a TDS 584 (1GHz)

Does anyone know if the calibration procedure and equipment list for
the 1GHz scopes is the same as the one I am familiar with for the 500 MHz
scopes? I need to make a decision to gear up again for calibration or
just put it up for sale.

Have you checked with any calibration labs? I have a modern MDO3024 scope and the calibration is apparently fully automated. Cost is only $134 for an accredited local third party lab to do it and provide me a cal sticker. My HP 8642A signal generator costs more than twice as much to calibrate. I believe much more labor is required. Maybe this scope is new enough to be easy and not too expensive to calibrate.



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