Re: 7854 - yet another problem

Harvey White

On Sun, 3 Feb 2019 19:00:50 -0000, you wrote:

The 7854 I'm trying to resurrect has a problem where the readout starts to
flicker a lot after it has been on for a short while.

If I them power off and power on I see all vertical mode lights on and CHOP
and B lit in the horizontal mode lights. This I understand is a "Real time
clock" failure.

So where do I find the darn RTC so I can try to fix it - a quick scan of the
friendly service manual didn't lead me to it ...
If this is like some of the others, the CPU doesn't have an RTC
module, too old for that. I'd look for the battery, but I suspect you
may have a dallas RAM/ROM buried in there, some of them have/had RTC



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