Re: Wanted 151-0260-00 (aka 2N3724A, 2N5189, 2N5859)


Nothng special about that transistor. The 2N5189 is in the Mouser catalogue so even with the small order surcharge it won't be ludicrously expensive:

I don't know the circuit configuration but there are likely to be many parts that will do the job. This part in a different package will handle the power and voltage with ease:

It's even possible that a commonplace BFY50 or 2N2219 will do the job.If it was my instrument I'd probably stick one in (I have them in my stock at home) and see if it worked.

Cricklewood Electronics have the 2N5859 listed:

Incidentally, all of this was found with simple google searches on the part numbers. The Mouser link gave the spec of the device. Not trying anything clever.

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