Re: 2467B Trace flicker


On Fri, Jan 25, 2019 at 12:23 PM Chuck Harris <> wrote:

I don't think many of you think a 2467B is in the same league
as a 1960's TV, straight from the dump, was in 1970.
As much as I hate it, I think we're coming to that point. You'll pry my
2467 out of my cold dead hands, and it's my everyday go-to scope. It's not
nearly as practical as the HP 54622D next to it, though, and I think most
(young) people will choose a contemporary digitial scope over an analog
relic any day of the week.

If I have missed a video showing something amazingly bad on
this scope, I apologize, but from all of the words I have
read, I am 99% sure that the OP is chasing a ghost that cannot
be fixed without redesigning the scope.
I second that a video would be useful to verify that a problem really
exists in the scope.
It sounds like Evan is having fun drilling into the service manual and the
circuitry, and I'm sure it's a learning experience for him. Even chasing
ghosts can make a valuable learning experience, especially if it forces a
thorough reading of a Tek service manual :).

I have yet to see a 2465B that didn't have trace flicker.
I've never owned or operated a 24XXB scope, so I can't comment, and I don't
think a video of my 2467 would be useful for comparison.

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