Re: Tektronix 575 help

David Slipper

Thanks all - a modest quantity has been procured.


On 25/01/2019 15:16, Adrian wrote:
Hi David,

RS, Rapid, FEC all stock it in 0.25kg reels @ ~40 quid. If by a 'small'
amount you mean a dozen feet or so for a specific job and 36/62/2
Pb/Sn/Ag 0.7mm 5 core 362 works for you then PM me a UK postal address
and I gladly pop some in the post FOC. Temp is ~179C I think.


On 1/24/2019 9:11 PM, David Slipper wrote:
Good advice, but can anyone suggest where to get a small quantity in the
UK ???

xBay seems to have either lead free or silver free Tin-Lead 60/40

On 12/01/2019 18:33, wrote:
silver bearing tin-lead rosin cored solder


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