Re: tektronix 475 help ic part

Jim Olson <v_12eng@...>

I checked the 155 RPR and it shows the 155-0049-01 was replaced with the 155-0049-02 for all applications. The 01C does not show at all but it should be OK as it is in a late 475. RPR listed the price back then at $30.00.

Jim O

On January 22, 2019 at 1:14 PM "Roger Evans via Groups.Io" < > wrote:

It's the 'sweep logic' IC that controls A, B sweep, trigger and hold off. They turn up quite regularly on eBay, typically $20 or so plus postage to Europe. They are used in several of the 7000 timebases, eg 7B50A, 7B80, 7B85 and others, so you might be lucky and find a scrap timebase plugin but even scrap units seem to fetch quite high prices.



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