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After a few other members were able to identify which probes my cables were for I was concerned that I didn't find any references to these cable part numbers when I searched for them so I decided to make another attempt myself.

The first time I tried (before sending my original post) I found nothing at all. Now that I am doing this a second time more determined to duplicate the results from Emil and Jack I still found extremely little information and some of it seems to contradict what they found.

For instance, a new (to me) site called SMC Electronics ( reports these two part numbers are for the same P6131 probe

Tektronix part numbers: 175-3217-00/206-0214-00/ 206-0289-00/134-0044-00.
Tektronix P6131 Attenuator/Cable Assembly

Tektronix part numbers: 010-6131-00/131-1799-03/ 200-2547-03/175-8011-00.
Tektronix P6131 Attenuator BNC Readout

BUT when I refer to the P6131 Instruction Manual on TekWiki (070-5514-03) it says that the cable should be 174-0972-00. This isn't a 175-8011-00.

The TekWiki Instruction Sheet for the P6122 (070-5512-00) says the correct cable is 174-0069-00 which is not 175-3217-00. Fortunately I found the P6122 Instruction Manual (070-4431-00) which does list all the cables used on this probe. They are (in chronological order): 175-3217-00, 175-9411-00, 174-0069-00, 174-0967-00. Apparently Tek has been changing the part number for this cable quite often. This explains some, but not all, of the confusing numbers I am finding.

The 1986 catalog on page 447 says the cable for the P6122 is 175-9411-00 for 1.5 meters, not 175-3217-00. It also says the cable for the P6131 is 175-9414-00 for 1.3 meters, not 175-8011-00.
Both of those numbers sound like Tek came up with newer replacement cables for these two probes and as of 1986 the numbers were correct. It looks like they were changed since then to 174-xxxx-xx numbers.

The TekWiki P6006 Instruction manual (010-0127-00 changed to 070-0381-00) lists the cable as 175-0281-00 for the 12ft BNC version of the probe. At least everyone agrees on this one.

I trust Emil and Jack's results. Part of the problem seems to be Tek making a lot of changes to their part numbers.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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From: Jack Wills
Sent: Saturday, January 19, 2019 10:43 PM

Based on a little Googling:

175-8011-00 P6131
175-3217-00 P6122
175-1205-00 P6061
175-0281-00 P6006
Jack Wills
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Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2019 02:47:13 +0200
From: Emil <>

Hi Dennis,
Greetings from Romania.
This is what i was able to find:
175-8011-00 1.3 m 39 Ohm P6131
175-3217-00 1.5 m 39 Ohm P6122
175-1205-00 ?????
175-0281-00 P6006

On Sat, Jan 19, 2019 at 6:25 PM Dennis Tillman W7PF

Hi Dave,

I looked in the detailed index of the 175-xxxx-xx section of my 1988
edition of the Common Parts Design Catalog 6: Wire, Insulation, and
Power Supplies.

None of them were listed!
What are the odds of that happening?

At least two of them are recent numbers so I would think they can't
be obsolete.
They are definitely Probe cables so I thought for sure they would be

Dennis Tillman W7PF

Dennis Tillman W7PF
TekScopes Moderator

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