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Bruce Lane

I'm ignorant of any formal arrangement between the two, but I will say
this: During the time I was taking my first electronics courses at
Merritt College (Oakland, California), in the mid-late 70's, I
discovered their AAS Degree/Electronics program had been tweaked in such
a way that DEC's Bay Area office was hiring the kids right out of
graduation as field techs.

The campus also had a full-blown PDP-11/70 system. In fact, that's what
I took my first programming steps on. I can't say for certain, but I
would not be surprised if whatever arrangement the district (Peralta
Community College District) had with DEC included free maintenance in
return for being a key training spot for field techs.

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On 20-Jan-19 02:13, Tim Phillips wrote:
from Tim P (UK)

I have always been curious about the tie-in between Tektronix and DEC,
regarding the LSI and semiconductor test systems. I was browsing the 1987
catalog, which shows Tek equipment alongside a DEC PDP11 (?) computer.
The photo I am looking at is the one with the rack of 48 sampling heads.
What was the arrangement between the two companies ?

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