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Harvey White

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I think this one is not O.T. personally. If it helps some fellow Tekkies to not destroy their tools or scopes, that seems pretty on-topic to me. It also seems that there is a good sized group of fellows here that appreciated that information and will hopefully make good use of it.
If you ever have to build a replacement mechanical part for a scope,
this information may be useful.

I'd say also that things about 3D printing may be useful to make some
brackets, perhaps knobs, and fasteners.

Somewhere in time, the supply of used mechanical (and electrical)
parts will run out. Some can be made, some can be substituted for,
some (mostly the CRTS) cannot be.


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Since you ask:
It is important that the group develop its own guidelines about what is or is not appropriate content.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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Like I said, Chuck, great information, but time to get off the tapping
bandwagon and get back to Tek Scopes.
Dennis, what say you?
Jim F

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Date: 1/19/19  5:46 AM  (GMT-08:00) To: Subject: Re:
[TekScopes] UNC Taps How can a polite discussion of how to find, and how to
safely use, the tools we need to restore our scopes be off topic?

If you don't like a topic, or find the subject of a thread uninteresting,
exercise your personal prerogative, and don't read it.

You needn't inform the group, nor ask its permission.

-Chuck Harris

Jim Ford wrote:
OK, everybody, while I've gotten a hell of an education, it's time to put
this OT thread to bed.
Jim F

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<> Date: 1/18/19  9:33 PM  (GMT-08:00) To: Subject: Re: [TekScopes] UNC Taps It's probably
also worth mentioning that there are taps for hand tapping, and taps
for machine tapping...  The taps you get in the typical kit are for
hand tapping only, and that means finger power, not with a drill press
and a tap-matic head.

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