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That 575 looks very clean. Change out the paper caps, wiggle (but do not exchange or mix up) the tubes and it should be good for another 50 years.  It sure doesn't look like it has a lot of running hours based on how clean the HV parts are. The CRT should be good to go.

On 1/12/2019 7:30 PM, David Holland wrote:
I uploaded the photo you mailed directly to me to the group, and the
one I took some time ago with labels. They should be available here: (If anyone wants to look.)

All I can say is umm.... Wow, what a kludge... umm... wow... Yeah,
that's...umm...less than idea... While I understand the reason for
it, definitely less than ideal.

I can't see it well, but C809 across the transformer looks kind of
funky as well, though it may just be wax..

The black capacitors are whats more commonly known as "Black
Beauties". If I recall correctly, the ones with yellow writing
are for certain paper, and certainly bad (leaky) by now. The black
banded ones are I believe paper as well. Not certain about the red
and gold ones. Black w/ red writing were film, and *may* be good.

Your right, the potentiometer looks a little odd, but without more to
go on, I'd leave it alone. It might be just coated in something to
seal it, or got coated in something when the original went poof.

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Okay, thanks.
I would have to reply to the individual persons email to attach a photo?
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Not sure why the photo isn't being attached?

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