465 No Go

Dm Armstrong

I bought a very used 465 for not much money. When I got it home I found the 1.5 amount fuse on the inside was bad . The Main fuse was OK. I replaced two Tantalim Caps under the high voltage cover , replaced the fuse. No more blowen fuses.
What I have is a very bright green dot. I can focus it and adjust the brightness , but nothing else. I can't move it up or down or side to side.
All my low voltages are right on except the -8 . I have replaced the big 3000 uf Electrolytic capacitor and a 33uf Tantalim in the -8 volt curcut. The IC is the same as another , swap places with no change. The Transistors are Transistoring , and the Resistors are Resisting . All that's left is The Bridge Rectifier, it is soldered so tight to the board I don't know how to check it. What the chance it is bad? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank You

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