Re: 2213A recap & vertical jitter repair (attenuator fix)

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Yes! Those are the only three of concern in the common 22xx scopes as far as I know. (Where I live the 2213 and 2215 are not common, and not included in my definition of common 22xx scopes)
I doubt those Rifa capacitors know what they are used in <G>, and the problem seems more like what 30 years has done to that brand and era of film capacitors.
If you are in a 120 VAC part of the planet those bad caps are less of a problem than if you are in a 240 VAC part of the planet.
The worst horror stories about those kind of capacitors seem to come from the 240 VAC areas.
The same goes for those Schafnner AC inlet filters. You can almost get away with using them on 120 VAC, but not on 240 VAC for very long when they get this old.
Thank you everyone for taking an interest in my favorite Tektronix Oscilloscopes... the common 22xx's such as the 2213A, 2215A, 2235, etc!
tom jobe...

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On Thu, Jan 3, 2019 at 05:01 PM, tom jobe wrote:
Thank you for the 2213A reply!
As far as I know, all of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor are
suspect, as well as the the X2 and Y2 film capacitors that see the input AC.
Tom, these would be C900 0.15uF, and C902/C903 0.0022uF correct?
And I thought explosive Rifa caps where only limited to the 2465x scopes.

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