Re: power supply PS2521G

Jim Ford

Yeah, pet peave of mine: not being able to see voltage and current for all supplies simultaneously.  All power supplies should have this ability.
Jim F

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  I just wounder if the right group for the PSD2521G power supply.
Hi Antoan,

I believe the PS2520/2521 supplies were OEM from GW Instek. The GW PPT-3615
looks identical to my PS2520.
I was never able to scare up a schematic for it, but with the hints and
tips from this EEVBlog repair thread <>
and some persistence, I was able to work through the problems in mine.
Seems the DACs are a weak point in these, plus I had logic supply and
opto-coupler problems with mine.
I'm not super-fond of this supply, the UI is quite horrendous and it can
only display read-back for a single channel at a time.


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