Re: AVR Scope Clock

John Clark

I added the optional USB parts, as well, which makes it easy to plug in a USB cable with just a standard USB charger to power it. Highly recommend it. The parts are cheap on Mouser and the SMD soldering wasn't too bad if you do those items first.

Also, per Raymond's recommendation, I use the zinv pin connected to the Z input on the back of my 475 which reduces the bright spots.

It's fun little item.

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Sent: Thursday, January 3, 2019 4:40 AM
Subject: Re: [TekScopes] AVR Scope Clock

Mine is still underway, but in preparation I installed the AVR suite, and after some path- and location adjustments the V4.0 firmware compiles.

I hoped to learn some coding tricks from it, but after a first look the code is way above my pay grade... :-)

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