Re: 549 on Detroit Craigslist

Paul Amaranth

I am sorely tempted, but I have too many projects right now and I have
to downsize in the near future as well.

Looks like a 1A4 plugin in it as well.

If someone is interested, I could pick it up and hold it for a while.

Shipping is getting out of hand these days, so you'd have to be
within driving distance.


On Tue, Jan 01, 2019 at 11:52:09PM -0800, Morris Odell wrote:
Ho Roy,

It's not as fast as the 547, probably more like a storage version of the 545. I used one for a while until I found a 547. It's a great performer but can have the HV transformer thermal runaway problem and the CRT is completely ireplaceable and prone to deterioration of the storage function and screen burns. The vertical output tubes are 8608s that are very hard to replace.

Bottom line, if the CRT and vertical amp are working properly then the HV transformer is worth rewinding and it's a useable scope.

Hopefully it will be saved from the tube scavengers.


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