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I guess there is no premium for all the dust! (Seems to me that 20 minutes with windex and paper towels and a toothbrush would make it way more attractive!)

I wonder if the 549 is the storage version of the 547. Not too long ago I got a 547 to replace one that was lost in a disaster. It seems to work well, though I have not had a chance to get used to it yet. (One channel of the 1A1 preamp shows the wrong gain.)

Years ago, I did have a couple of 561 scopes that I used a lot, and a 564 storage version also. Maybe the 549 is the same sort of storage version of the 547.

Long live these beasts!

On Jan 1, 2019, at 5:47 PM, Paul Amaranth <paul@...> wrote:

Not related, but looks decent for a reasonable price. It's been on and off the
list for a bit and now has a lower price.
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