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Vince Vielhaber

The underlying OS is based on FreeBSD, it's a Berkeley based unix. There are subtle differences between the two, such as the mac is case insensitive whereas unix is very case sensitive. If you know unix and especially Berkeley unix, the underlying filesystem actually makes sense and is really easy to work with. I have a mac mini but don't use it much any more.


On 12/31/2018 04:42 AM, Dave Seiter wrote:
I hate to say it, but I tend to agree, and I've been using macs since the Plus, and I love them, but.... Most of the mac OS is great and easy to use, but ever since the major system upgrade (not sure if I mean 9 or 10), the file system just isn't as obvious as it used to be. Unless I use file folders on the desktop, they seem to vanish and files don't seem to go stay were I put them. Later I find multiple copies of the missing file all over the place. My favorite OS for serious work is still XP. At my last job I was the last user of it because I was running some old apps that were never updated. My PC was on without restart for 3-4 months at a time. When IT finally demanded that I upgrade, the newer OS crashed once or twice a week, usually at the most annoying moments. (And I lost a lot of custom functionality)

On Sunday, December 30, 2018, 10:58:52 PM PST, Jim Ford <> wrote:

<<Once you go Mac, you never go back.>> Not necessarily. About a dozen
years ago, I decided to buy my wife a Mac mini, thinking it would be
easy for her to use. Nope, not easy, just different. Having used PCs
my entire career, I had no way to support her as house IT guy. She was
not able to use it without my support, so we sold that
sandwich-box-sized thingy at a loss, bought a PC, and never looked back.
I still don't like being the IT guy, but now at least I can do the job.
Having kids in their teens now helps.

Now, recently she got an iPad mini, for the sole purpose of spoofing
location for Pokemon Go. I don't have anything to do with the iPad or
Pokemon Go, so it's up to her friends to support her there. Come to
think of it, since her father went into a memory care facility and her
mother moved in with us about 6 months ago, she hasn't had the time to
do Pokemon Go anyway. No great loss, if you ask me.

Nope, I'm not buying into that whole Apple ecosystem. I can't believe
an iPhone is any better than a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, just

Jim F

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Once you go Mac, you never go back.
I've had a PC at home since 1986. My last PC had Windows ME. (~2008)
After receiving several email messages from MS that they would no
longer support Win ME, I bought a copy of Windows XP and could not
download it because Norton antivirus problems. So, when I got to work
on Monday, I looked up the issue and learned how to edit the registries
in Win OS in order to download the new version of XP. It was really
scary, knowing that one missed space or punctuation mark would blow the
whole thing open. Finally got the OS loaded and then started to load
the applications I had at the time.
A 500+ GB harddrive was soon full because XP took up so much more
space. They built an Apple Store in my hometown in 2008. Soon after, my
wife and I stopped by on a whim. I asked the young man helping us to
show my wife how to download some photos from her digital camera and we
would buy one. He had my wife take a few photos, used his cable and
showed her how to download the photos. My wife said it was easy. I
wrote a check while the worker punched a few things on the iMac in
front of us and another worker brought the new iMac out and placed it
in front of us. It all took about 15 minutes.
It took about 20 minutes to unhook all the peripherals from the PC. I
plugged in the new iMac and it started up and asked to enter the Wi Fi
password and connected. That fast. I had purchased a copy of MS Office
for Mac. That took over an hour because of updates.
The only Mac problems I've had were related to MS software. I don't run
any MS software on my Macs at home. I use Macs at work, there are some
problems with MS Outlook. Other than that, its been 10 years with Macs.
I have two MacBook Pros, an iMac, a Mac Mini, three iPhones and Airport
I have to use a PC at work for doing CAD/CAM, but recently began using
Fusion 360. That will about end my need to use any Windows software at
I'm thankful that the electronics gear I use doesn't require any
software at all. Definitely not needed with tube gear. None of the
Tektronix gear needs software.
Sorry that you're having problems with your Mac, but my experience has
been the opposite. I prefer Mac OS to Windows and don't use any MS
software on the Macs. I use a PC when I have to, but definitely prefer
Mac OS.
On Sunday, December 30, 2018, 3:44:32 PM PST, Dennis Tillman W7PF
<@Dennis_Tillman_W7pF> wrote:

My extremely reliable MacBook Pro has become unreliable.

This is impacting my ability to provide a timely response to approve
members; to answer questions regarding or TekScopes; and to
to personal email.

I have always been a Windows user and virtually all of the applications
use are Windows based.

My laptop has the latest MacOS on it and the latest Parallels VM
so I can run Windows 7.

In September, Apple released the latest version of MacOS. It is version
10.14.1 (Mojave).

At the same time, Parallels released their Mojave compatible version
Parallels 14.

This new version of Parallels (v14) which I am now using, has an
serious bug in it.

The bug occurs when you are using any of the Microsoft Office 2013

I use Outlook 2013, Word 2013, and Excel 2013 about 6 to 8 hours per

The bug will cause MacOS to fail 3 to 6 times per day.

This bug causes any, or all, of the following events to occur.

* Mojave reboots with a Panic Report (the equivalent of the BSOD in

* The Apple file system (APFS) on my Solid State Drive (SSD) is
with many un-repairable errors

* Chkdsk detects and (usually) repairs numerous errors in the NTFS File

* The Microsoft Outlook 2013 Mail store is corrupted. The Outlook Mail
Repair Utility can usually fix all of the corruption.

So far, the only solution that works is a full restore from backup.
Restoring from backup can take anywhere from 8 hours to 36 hours.

Each time I open Outlook 2013 to read email I run the risk that Outlook
corrupt my SSD.

This Parallels 14 bug causes me to spend >16 hours restoring from

The good news in all of this is I finally know many troubleshooting
techniques I can use to keep my laptop

running by dealing with each of the problems that occur.

Thanks to a very senior support person at Apple who spent 2 to 3 hours
day on the phone with me, for more than 10 days in a row, I now have a
greater understanding of how my MBP works and how to trouble shoot it.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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