Hall-Effect Sensor Replacement for Siemen's Fan Motor in 2465A DV

Robert Calk Jr.

Hello Guys,

Has anyone researched and found a good replacement for the Hall-Effect sensors in the Siemen's fan motor #1AD3001-0A? I am rebuilding my fan motor because it started making some noises a while back. I am also writing detailed repair articles on it. Part 1 should be up on my friends' electronics repair blog in a week or so at www.jestineyong.com.

I am waiting on my Oilite spherical bronze bushings to be made right now before I can finish Part 2, where I put it back together. In Part 3, I will test and scope it on my bench.

I bought a book, "Hall Effect Transducers", that was written in 1982 to study up on them and try to figure out what kind Siemen's used. It would be a great help if one of yall already found a good replacement because I know that most of yall are light years ahead of me in electronics.

My fan motor was working ok when I removed it so the sensors are good. But it would be more reliable if I changed them with new ones before it goes back into my scope. I could not find any numbers on them anywhere. Also Siemen's had no info on the fan motors but said they sold the rights to Continental. I called Continental and they said they trashed everything they had. Also, Tektronix had nothing.

Any help would be appreciated.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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