Re: vintageTEK museum releases Replaceable Parts Registry (RPR)

Dave Brown

What we have obtained a release from Tektronix are the microfiche cards that were sent to the field service centers. They consist of instruction and service manuals, additional calibration and service information, modification information, the replaceable parts registry, and the master publication index. The RPR simply shows what products parts were used in so it is only of interest in locating a donor product. I am in the process of scanning the Master Publication Index which show by product what documentation, manuals, data sheets, etc. was released for it with corresponding part number.

What you are asking for are component specifications. Those are still company confidential and never were sent to the field. They were maintained by Component Engineering. Specifications existed for every Tektronix part number.

The Common Parts Catalogs, also for which we obtained a release, were simply a quick summary of parts recommended for design along with parts not recommended for design for reference. Some engineering specifications were duplicated on microfiche aperture cards located in design engineering areas for convenience. I don't know which specifications were duplicated on aperture cards but I suspect only those of interest by design engineering. That is where one would go if you needed more information than was in the Common Parts Catalogs. There were very few sets of aperture cards in the factory.


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