Re: 475 (Hi serial) Manual Re-scan Available

John Clark

I know he said not to reply on the list but I have to.....A big THANK YOU to Dave!

I bought this service manual from Dave about 3 years ago and it was pretty hard to read due to lots of owner markings. Having bought it from him he kindly send me this new one as offered below. This new copy he has is very high quality, high resolution, and is a Dec 1983 revision of the Oct 1974 First Printing of the B250000 and up service manual. I have a pretty nice hard copy of the First Printing of the manual but it has errors that caused me, and those here who helped me fix my 475 last time, grief and headache. I've not seen this particular version of the manual anywhere on the free sites. The blue Tektronix printing came out perfect.

If you have a B250000 and up 475 and don't have a 1983 Revision manual, you want this scan.

Thanks again, Dave!

From: <> on behalf of Artekmedia <>
Sent: Sunday, December 16, 2018 6:30 PM
Subject: [TekScopes] 475 (Hi serial) Manual Re-scan Available

Thanks to a list member we have been loaned a pristine copy of the 475
scope Instruction Manual (serial 25,000 & Above) 070-1862-00. Our
original scan done 10 years ago was of a badly marked up copy of the
manual rendering some of the schematic pages unreadable in many areas.
IF you previously bought a copy from us CONTACT US OFF LIST (replies to
the list will be ignored) and we will provide you a free copy via
download of the new scan, Schematics and board overlays done in full
color this time around as well .... gotta love that nice Tektronix
"blue" printing :-P

Cheers & Happy Holidays to All
Dave & Linda


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