Re: "I wonder how many members here have a 564" Dave V.


Hi all,

I started with Tek way back. The 564 had the balance of function and repairability, whereas owning a 7000 scared me at bit at the time.

Using a 7000 at work was always the way to go for speed and getting the job done.  But knowing when I use a 564 at home I can relax on a project and not rush and not worry about a malfunction, since few 'unobtainium' parts were used in the 564!
I think I have nearly every plugin for it plus lots of spares including three 3L5s and four 3L10 SAs! 
3L10s are kinda rare I hear, only a 1,000 where made, I think.
For portable work I still use a 465B in mint shape!

Carry on!


On Sunday, December 2, 2018, 5:06:02 AM EST, Nenad Filipovic <ilmuerte@...> wrote:

564B Mod121 with 3A3, 3B3 and 3L5. Was used extensively before I got a 7L5.
Quite often I had it coupled with my 7854 to get proper storage
I still remember its razor sharp CRT, I'd say it's one of the sharpest I've
ever seen, been showing the tiniest details you could see only thru a
magnifier glass.

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