Re: AVR Scope Clock

John Clark

As a last follow up, I received my AVR Scope Clock from Dutchtronix and have it built. It is a very nice little gadget...a bit of a novelty but it was fun to build and now even my kids think that my 475, what they call the old boat anchor, is actually something useful. They weren't home when I used the scope to fix the UPS power supply for my modem, router, switch, etc. Now if they could only figure out how to watch Netflix and YouTube on it they might appreciate the old girl! No matter though...their old man likes it!


On Thu, Nov 29, 2018 at 07:49 PM, John Clark wrote:

Thanks to everyone for all the assistance on the scope clock. I received an
email back this evening that parts had come in and he needed my PayPal ID so
he could send me a PayPal invoice. I know it's a bit of a novelty but for
someone who owns a real nice 475, but who doesn't use it very often, it will
give me a reason to turn it on in my den/office when company is around.

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I just received one of his clocks several weeks ago, I had to keep checking
back as he seems to run out quickly. It appears to have more functions than
any other one I looked at.


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