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Dave Brown

Hey Craig- try 'Rogowski'............ I have used them extensively, BTW

DaveB NZ-( the pedant!!)

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Design a Rogowsky coil. With the right design you can go from about 200Hz to
5MHz. Needs a wideband active integrator since a Rogowsky output is
proportional to dI/di.

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To answer my own question:

But only 47kHz, I'd like something like that with a couple hundred kHz....


On Sun, Dec 9, 2018 at 8:38 PM stefan_trethan <stefan_trethan@...>


Are there any cheap approximations of the Iprober 520 fluxgate
sensor current probe?
Maybe some sort of IC?


On Sun, Dec 9, 2018 at 8:19 PM David Slipper <softfoot@...>

I did look at making one with a Hall sensor - the electronics
isn't a problem but the difficulty arises (for me at least) in
cutting the slot in a ferrite ring to put the sensor in or even
splitting the core to make a clamp. I guess it's easier if you have
access to the right tools.

Any ways, this works well for me :-)

On 09/12/2018 18:52, stefan_trethan wrote:
If you only need low frequency the LEM brand hall effect
sensors, I believe Allegro also makes chip based ones, can be an
Also remember you can put 10 turns through if you need more
sensitivity (insertion impedance permitting).

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