Re: How Many Scopes?

Jim Ford

Ron, I find a digital scope handy for "stopping time", that is, looking at infrequent events and determining their relationship in time.  Glad I have an HP 54504A in addition to my Tek 5110N, 7603, and 7904 analog scopes.  Point is, a DSO can be useful even for analog/low-speed work.
Jim F

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Yea, my ex kept asking why I have more than one o'scope, and figured I need to sell them off. Fact is, they all do something a little different, and you can't get it all rolled into one unit.
I want to buy a digital, but I'm only working on guitar amps and electronics of that nature, so a digital isn't actually necessary.
Here's what I'm sitting on:
Telequipment D54 (my first scope)
Tek 2337
Tek 475A
Tek 454A
(2) HP 1740A
HP 1725A
Phillips PM3212

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