7S12 versus 7T11(A)/7S11 for general purpose sampling

Albert Otten

Hi Jim,

Since your question is not related to the problems in the "7T11 horizontal memory" thread I opened this new topic for my answer.
With the 7S12 you would also need an S-53 and an S-51 head for the same triggering capabilities as the 7T11.
The most annoying aspects of the 7S12 for general purpose use are the heavy crank-handle drive (versus a multiturn TIME POSITION pot in the 7T11) and lack of internal triggering capability. The trigger output of sampling heads (not all heads have this) is simply terminated in 50R in the 7S12 and not used at all.
Sometimes you need the slower sweep ranges of the 7T11.
The 7S12 goes to 20 ps/div, the 7T11 to 10 ps/div.
The 7T11 can do random sampling, the 7S12 can't. I know that the quality of random sampling is not overwhelming, but this capability is perhaps a strong argument to convince the committee.


On Thu, Dec 6, 2018 at 07:25 PM, Jim Ford wrote:

Say, since I have the 7S12 and 7S11, is there any reason to obtain a 7T11 or
7T11A? Aside from the fact that it's another cool piece of Tek gear to own,
I mean. IOW, do I have a justification before the finance committee (my wife
;) )?
Jim F

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