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Colin Herbert

Hi, From my information, it is actually the Coulsdon Amateur Transmitting Society, not Crawley. The URL below gets you to the CATS Bazaar and there are links:

I, too have no association with the event, but I think I might try to visit next year....


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Hi All
The CATS (Crawley Amateur Transmitting Society) rally is correctly known as the CATS Bazaar, it was not last month but is was held on the 15th November.
If you are into Amateur Radio or T&M kit it is a must go to event.
Just for the record I have nothing to do with the organising of the event.
73 George G6HIG

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On 23/11/18 06:18, Brian Cockburn wrote:
At the CATS rally (South London) ...
I'm in Cambridge but I'm not familiar with 'CATS Rally'. Googling didn't turn up anything non-feline. Could you elaborate a bit pleas
The canonical source for these rallies is

Since the Couldson (Surrey) rally was last month, it no longer appears there.

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