FS: miscellaneous Tektronix manuals

Brad Thompson


I'm offering FS the following original Tektronix manuals-- all are in very good condition
except as noted. Please note that some of these manuals are available for downloading at no cost. However, some users prefer printed copies. Postage is extra (except as indicated).

Scope-mobile 200-1 062-0870-00, May 1969 (R), 8 pp. double-sided. $3.00 postpaid via USPS first-class mail.
4957 Series Graphics Tablet Instruction Manual, 070-4784-01, Product
Group 15, Nov.1986 (revised); approx. 72 pp., in 9-inch by 7-inch three-ring
binder. $7.50 plus postage.
TDS 200-series Programmer Manual, 071-0493-01, approx. 220 pp., wire-bound,
in as-new condition. Asking $10.00 plus postage

Note1 : "This document supports TDS 210 and TDS 220 with FV:v1.09 and above when used with TDS2CM version CMV:v1.04 and above, or TDS2MM any version, and TDS224 when used with any version of TDS2CM or TDS2MM."

Note 2: Requires an optional RS-232 or GPIB interface (TDS2CM Communications
Extension Module or TDS2MM Measurement Extension Module).
11401 and 11402 Programmers Quick Reference, 070-6255-00, Product Group 47,
1988 first printing. approx. 80 pp., wire comb-bound (9-inch by 4-inch format), In very-good-minus condition (front cover creased). Asking $7.50 plus postage.
DSA 601A and DSA 602A Digitizing Signal Analyzers Quick Reference, 070-8183-00,
Product Group 47, 1991 first printing. approx. 60 pp., wire comb-bound (9-inch by 4-inch format), In good-plus condition (front cover creased, wire comb slightly distorted).
Asking $7.50 plus postage.
P6231 10X Active Probe, DC to 1.5 GHz, Instruction Manual, 070-6027-00 Product
Group 60, revised 1987, (8 1/2 inch by 5 1/2 inch plastic comb binding) approx 40 pp.
In very good condition (front cover slightly faded) Asking $7.50 plus postage.

Question welcomed, PayPal honored.

thanks, and 73--

Brad AA1IP

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