Re: OT - Method of choice to sort and store assorted transistors (apart from having one bin for every part number)

Fabio Trevisan

Hello all,

Thank you everybody for all your valuable input.
I can't possibly summarize everything in an answer, or quote or give appropriate credit to each method, but - in general...
I started with this idea to categorize the transistors in a way that their physical placement would somehow reflect their key characteristics... all that in order to save space and minimize the number of separate "compartments"...
But in the light of all your answers - the idea of the plastic bags or coin envelopes catch my attention the most - I got convinced that it's not all that difficult to really have the transistors separate by individual part numbers.
The bags (or coin envelopes) don't take much space, are cheap, and allow to keep the parts organized, without the need of having that many number of compartments (the envelopes become the compartments).
The discussion about being anti-static or not, well, I`m in Sao Paulo (Brazil) and humidity is usually not lower than 50% so, static is rarely an issue here.
Still, I`ll look for anti-static bags and, if they're affordable, it will be my preferred choice.

Thank you again and Rgrds,

P.S. It seems the more OT the subject is, the more it grabs the group's attention and triggers more collaboration than anything else...
It got me thinking... Does that say something about human nature? Or about our nature (as a social group)? No answers required!

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