OT - Method of choice to sort and store assorted transistors (apart from having one bin for every part number)

Fabio Trevisan

Hello Guys,
I come to ask your ideas (or how do you guys do) on the best way to separate and store assorted transistors.
With the years, I came to scrap and possess quite a number of transistors of all kinds (maybe a few hundreds).
I know that this amount is still few in comparison to what probably some of you guys have, but they're enough to annoy me quite much whenever I need to browse them, looking for a possible candidate for a new project or to use as a replacement of something that may have blown.
The thing is, I can't afford the space to have separate drawers for each possible model, so I would like to separate them in some sort of matrix, that is easier to browse later on.
Then, when I get to a given bin, I may need to look for the best part number only in that bin.
But I can't seem to find a good way to sort them...
I thought about four drawers, each with maybe a dozen or sixteen bins (4 x 3 or 4 x 4).
The four drawers would be Small and Medium PNP (or P-channel) - Small and Medium NPN (or N-channel), Large PNP - Large NPN.
Up 'til here, I think it's just common sense to have these 4 major separations and I can`t think of a better way to go about it.
Now, within each drawer, I can't seem to make up my mind about the best way to sort them...
By Vce (Vds) across one axis and by Ic (Ids) across the other?
Which 2 major selection parameters are the most useful?

I welcome your suggestion / wisdom...



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