Re: Tektronix 475A intermittent / lazy sweep


On Wed, Nov 21, 2018 at 03:20 PM, Chris Smith wrote:

Quick victory photo of the 475A:
Great. I was almost 475ed out with this one here. Well it only had three or four need to whine about it right ?

What I wanted to mention though is that looking at the 465(B here, not sure about the non B) the 475 sweep has one more range, faster. That may account for the slight difference in the part number. I would figure out a way to check it out on 0.01 uS/div. It doesn't generate the ramp so linearity should be fine, it might be a matter of triggering. Also it is quite possible that specimen of U600 will be fine, but not necessarily ALL of them would do.

Sometimes this type of part is like harddrives. They format them to higher and higher capacities until they start getting errors and set it up for just below that. So in the lower grade (if you can call it that) IC it might or might not work fine but the higher grade IC definitely will. It could be just fine.

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