Re: Type 502 scope : missing air filter, what gives ?!

Leon Robinson

When using Foam filters in the 500 Series put some hardware cloth or
Metal mesh between the foam and the fan to keep the foam from being
eaten by the fan.Some on the outside will help keep the foam in place.
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From: Bruce Lane <@kc7gr>
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Subject: Re: [TekScopes] Type 502 scope : missing air filter, what gives ?!

    Many early air filters were made from a type of plastic foam which
degraded and decomposed over time, essentially turning into (very messy)
powder. The 502 is most certainly from that era.

    The good news: Replacement material is easily obtainable. Check in the
plumbing/heating section of your preferred hardware or home improvement
store for open-cell filter foam (most often used in air conditioners).
It's cheap, and can be easily cut and shaped to the required dimensions.

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On 12-Nov-18 10:37, Vincent Trouilliez wrote:

Hi Group,

This is a highly technical question, PhD only please !  LOL

Here goes : I just bought meself a little type 502 classic Tek, love it.

However it came with no air filter, somehow. The square frame to hold it, is there, screwed, but nothing in it, somehow ! However it does have a coarse grill... which presumably doesn't filter anything, but at least keeps one from stuffing his fingers in there and getting them sliced by the fan blades... better than nothing.

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