Re: My 2465B has arrived + A5 Board leaky caps cleanup


On Thu, Nov 1, 2018 at 01:30 AM, Manuel Maseda wrote:


If the scope has the optional CTT board then it is very simple with your
serial number scope to enable the external frequency input option (1E) by
simply moving the coax cable for rear BNC jack labeled Probe Out over 1
position on the CTT board connector.

Hi Manuel,

Unfortunately my scope does not include the CT option. Also owning a 2247A, and routinely using the build-in counter timer, the CT variant was something that was desirable and high on my 2465 wish list, but ultimately when the right scope came along it was a straight B version only and I did not have much of a choice anymore. The only option included is 49, which as you and Chuck have pointed out means it is a military version. But as Chuck also very eloquently explained, the accuracy of the 10MHz internal oscillator does not play any role in the process of measuring frequency of a waveform (at least not without a CT option), so adding an external ref input is now a moot point.

Thanks for the input.

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