Re: My 2465B has arrived + A5 Board leaky caps cleanup


Hi Tom, thanks very much for your input. Bellow just a quick follow up.

On Wed, Oct 31, 2018 at 04:08 PM, Tom Gardner wrote:
Highly unlikely the 10MHz is incorrect - but you can always measure it on your
other scope :)
Is there a test point designated on A5 to check on the 10MHz oscillator?
Just for fun and while I am at A5, might as well check that, although after reading Chuck's detailed explanation on how the scope actually performs the frequency measurements, the 10MHz is not used in the process, and I suspect that it will be within spec.

What's more likely is that the A5 voltages and/or calibration values are
invalid. Before tweaking anything, make sure the reference and DAC output
voltages are as specified in the service manual.
Yes, at the time of making those measurements both the positive and negative voltage reference values where/are still off. Did not want to touch the adjustment until the two 10.0K 0.1% resistors that where damaged by the leaking caps are replaced with the correct parts. They should arrive sometime this week, and once they are in, I will tweak R2010 to set the reference voltages to +1.36v and -1.25v.

Thanks again.


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