Re: vintageTEK museum releases Replaceable Parts Registry (RPR)

Dave Brown

I have scanned and released to Tekwiki the 670 and 672 RPR (672 is a continuation of 670). This RPR category indicates what instruments PCBs were used in and is quite large. There are 1740 scanned pages and this represents about 10 hours of scanning. I chose to scan selected portions of the RPR to pay back the collector community who graciously donated to buy the museum the microfiche scanner. I have now scanned over 3700 pages of RPR pages and consider our debt paid in full. We were also requested to scan the 366- Knob category and the 067- Test Fixtures categories. I will do so as I have time as I now need to focus on customer requested service manuals and regular museum business. The 670 RPR has not yet been posted on Tekwiki but expect it will be shortly.

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